Nutritional Biology
Biologia della Nutrizione

Viale Scipioni,
San Benedetto del Tronto
+39 0737 40 4930
where we are where we are
Nutritional Biology is located just in front of the Adriatic Sea.
The building is the place where all classes are teached (Polo Didattico)
and where Research Labs are located.
How to get there Latitude: +42° 56' 4.64", Longitude: +13° 53' 34.29" (42.934622,13.892858)

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How to get there by train
Railway station (San Benedetto del Tronto is 2 Km north the Polo Didattico.
Train reservation can be booked using the Trenitalia online website.
Bus connection (number 2) to the Polo can be found in front the Railway station.
Hotels, Restaurants, B&B
San Benedetto del Tronto is a nice touristic center.
Hotels reservation can be booked using the municipality touristic center website.
last update: January 26th, 2010