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Nutritional Biology at Unicam:
the first level (laurea) and second level (laurea magistrale) courses
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Starting from autumn 2009, the University of Camerino offer a complete path to become a Nutritional Biologist (Biologo Nutrizionista). Under the new DM270 law (Bologna-Lisboa process), at Unicam the complete path is:
  • a first level Laurea in Biologia della Nutrizione, in italian, 180 ECTS;
  • a second level Laurea Magistrale in Biological Sciences (curriculum Nutrition & Functional Food), in english, 120 ECTS.
  • a third level Ph.D. courses in Life Sciences, in english.
The student guide (multilingual) about the new courses (first, second and third level) is available here.
If you need infos about tuition fees, fellowships, housing, please download the guides (in italian) or check the informations at the Unicam website (italian and english).
Further informations at our student front office in San Benedetto del Tronto. Let's keep in touch (phone, email